Reading Coffee Roasters is owned and operated by roasting veteran Albert VanMaanen. In the late 1980s, Albert noticed a general lack of variety and quality of coffees in the Berks County area and vowed to provide customers with small batch, gourmet coffees from around the world. In 1989, Reading Coffee Roasters opened its doors on the corner of Eighth and Windsor in the heart of Reading, where it quickly generated a small but devoted following.

Albert spent the next quarter of a century perfecting his unique roasting methods and developing relationships with coffee importers, earning access to rare and premium coffee beans from destinations across the globe, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, Sumatra, Costa Rica, Mexico and Kona, Hawaii (just to name a few). Today, Reading Coffee Roasters operates out of a large facility in Birdsboro, PA, but Albert’s commitment to personally hand-roasting each batch of coffee has remained the same.

Reading Coffee Roasters specializes in medium roast coffees, which Albert feels represent the best intersection of body and taste. In fact, all of our flavored coffees are medium roasted to ensure that subtle flavorings do not overpower the natural intricacies of the coffee itself. Additionally, our beans are roasted in their own heat to prevent over-roasting and to eliminate any harsh or bitter notes.

Reading Coffee Roasters coffee is enjoyed throughout Berks, Lancaster, and the Lehigh Valley, but also draws customers from all over the United States, having earned a reputation of being “Simply the best!” We look forward to assisting you with your retail, coffee gifts, wholesale coffee and coffee fundraising needs.

Enjoy your coffee! It’s so much better that Dunkin Donuts!
Robert from Center Park, PA