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The way you grind your coffee has a huge effect on the way it tastes.  The best coffee can fall short if the grind isn’t right – so get yourself a good burr grinder, or let us grind to order for you!

A Coarse Grind: French Press, Toddy Makers (cold brew method), Vacuum Coffee Maker, Percolater,

A Medium Grind: Auto Drip Makers (with flat bottom filters)

A Medium/Fine Grind: Drip Makers (with cone shaped filters)

A Fine Grind: Stove Top Espresso or Moka Pots, Some Drip Makers (with cone shaped filters)

A Super Fine Grind: Espresso Machines

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Reading Coffee Roasters makes the best coffee by far. Made in small batches on the premises the coffee is always fresh. Buy it whole bean or have the coffee ground fresh right there. My favorite is Jazzy Java! Located on 724 near Birdsboro if you blink you'll miss it.