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The way you grind your coffee has a huge effect on the way it tastes.  The best coffee can fall short if the grind isn’t right – so get yourself a good burr grinder, or let us grind to order for you!

A Coarse Grind: French Press, Toddy Makers (cold brew method), Vacuum Coffee Maker, Percolater,

A Medium Grind: Auto Drip Makers (with flat bottom filters)

A Medium/Fine Grind: Drip Makers (with cone shaped filters)

A Fine Grind: Stove Top Espresso or Moka Pots, Some Drip Makers (with cone shaped filters)

A Super Fine Grind: Espresso Machines

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Prices are great, as well as the many choices of coffee that you offer! Thanks for the wonderful product.
Colette from Laurel Springs, NJ