Ethiopian Coffee


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Our Gourmet Ethiopian Coffee is highly exotic and very flavorful. Ethiopian coffee has medium acidity, full body and is very spicy with a fragrant aroma. Ethiopian coffee has a  slightly chocolaty/mocha or nutty quality. Because of its subtleties it is often preferred for iced coffee. Ethiopia is also the birthplace of coffee, it’s no wonder these beans are incredibly popular. According to legend, the 9th-century goatherder Kaldi discovered the coffee plant after noticing the energizing effect the plant had on his flock. Ethiopian coffee has a satisfyingly intensified finish that  leaves any coffee drinker’s palate wanting more. If you like history, and a bit of nostalgia,  experience a cup of Ethiopian coffee where coffee originated.

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Drip, French Press, Perc, Whole Bean, X-Fine

Delighted to send mom your coffee as a gift! Now she won’t have to wait until she visits her brother again to enjoy your coffee!
Su from Portland, OR