Gourmet Kona 100% Pure Kona Fancy Coffee

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Our Gourmet Kona 100% Pure Kona Coffee is considered “paradise in a cup”. Kona is cultivated on the porous mineral rich volcanic soil slopes of Mauna Loa Hawaii. The unique weather pattern of sunny mornings, cloud cover or rain in the afternoon along with mild nights creates favorable coffee growing conditions. Kona has developed a reputation for being one of the most sought-after coffees in the world. Our Kona is bought direct from the farmer. We medium roast it to bring out the smooth richness and delicious characteristics and qualities associated with what some consider simple the best cup of coffee in the world. Your one pound will come in two half pound packages.

Delighted to send mom your coffee as a gift! Now she won’t have to wait until she visits her brother again to enjoy your coffee!
Su from Portland, OR