Gourmet Mocha Java Coffee


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Our Gourmet Mocha Java coffee is a delicious blend of Pacific and African coffees. Mocha Java is an exquisite balance of African acidity contrasting with the heavier body and earthy tones from the Indonesian Island of Java.¬† This blend features a delicate balance of bright African acidity, wild flavor notes with the unique smoothness and chocolatey flavor notes of the Indonesians. This simple two-part harmony resonates as a symphony-full of flavor, texture and balance. The result is a memorable¬† quality cup of coffee that has stood the test of time. This is considered to be history’s first coffee blend and it actually came about by accident.

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Drip, French Press, Perc, Whole Bean, X-Fine

Best coffee by far for this coffee lover that needs a thermos full of fresh Reading Coffee Roasters brew when out working the rails in any time of the day or night. Thanks for the great coffee and all the great flavors!
Craig from Mohnton, PA