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Puqpress Q2 (Gen 5) Automatic Tamp Station


Reduce your espresso variables with the PuqPress automatic tamper. Available in 58mm and a precision basket-specific 58.3mm tamper size (among many others by special order), your workflow (and wrists) will love the adjustable pressure options and grippy, adjustable portafilter clamp. Better shots, faster drinks and healthier hands.

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Features and Functionality of the PuqPress Automatic Tamp Station

Why buy a Puqpress?

  • More precise shots with reduced channeling and improved flavor.
  • Adjustable tamping pressure between 22-66lbs.
  • No RSI issues.
  • Constancy between every Barista.
  • Speeds up the workflow – calm baristas and happy customers.
  • Industry proven technology.
  • New 24 Month Warranty

The new features of the Q2 are:

  • Nano non-stick tamp head reduces coffee build up.
  • New advanced stiffer frame provides even better consistency.
  • New easy adjustment wheel makes setup easier.
  • Using bottomless? Now works perfectly with bottomless porta-filters.

Tamper heads available for all machines types ranging from 53mm, 54mm, 55mm, 56mm, 57mm, 58mm, 58.3mm, 58.4mm VST heads and more!

  • Adjustable Pressure: Dial-in your tamp pressure to your favorite roast—anywhere from 22 to 66 pounds.
  • Portafilter Friendly: The PuqPress’ adjustable arms accommodate any portafilter size and shape, even bottomless and extra-tall formats.
  • Automatic: A top-mounted sensor begins the tamp process as soon as the portafilter is fit into place.
Model Number Q2
Width 5.5 inches
Depth 7.3 inches
Height 11.3 inches
Volts 110V
Material Metal and Plastic
Manufacturer PuqPress

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 7.3 × 5.5 × 11.3 in

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I love getting the free pound of coffee! I think it actually makes the coffee taste better!!
Laurie from Birdsboro, PA