Summer Flavor Series: Choose 2!

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Experience Summer in Every Sip with the RCC Summer Flavor Series

Introducing our Summer Series of Flavored Coffees: a collection crafted to elevate your coffee experience with the vibrant and refreshing tastes of the season. Each blend is meticulously curated using specialty Arabica beans, ensuring a rich and smooth base for our unique summer flavors. Perfect for both hot and cold brew, these exquisite blends promise to tantalize your taste buds and invigorate your senses.

Choose two and save!

Banana Bliss

Indulge in the rich, smooth taste of caramelized bananas with hints of cinnamon and a touch of rum.

Campfire S’mores

Warmth and comfort come together with flavors of toasted marshmallow, milk chocolate, and graham cracker.

Cereal Swirl Delight

Fruity cereal flavor infused with the creamy richness of milk, all wrapped up in a delightful coffee experience.

Dark & Decadent

A fusion of a robust & bold dark roast with a perfectly matched bitter-sweet dark chocolate.

Summer Breeze

A blend to "make you feel fine" with hints of blueberries and the tropical treat of pineapple & coconut.

Strawberry Blonde

A blonde roast flavored with fresh, sweet & juicy strawberries for a bright & fruity cup.

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