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The Café at our Reading Coffee Company Roastery & Headquarters offers a unique and inviting experience for coffee lovers. The Café is located within our retail store and roastery, giving customers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the coffee production process. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with a mix of industrial and cozy design elements. Exposed metal walls, warm wood tones, high ceilings, and windows provide an open and airy feel, while comfortable seating areas invite our customers and friends to relax and enjoy their visit.

The café serves a variety of freshly roasted coffees, including espresso drinks, pour-over options, and cold brew. Customers can watch the roastery in action through glass windows, providing an educational experience as they see how the coffee is roasted, and prepared. The menu also includes a selection of delectable pastries, breakfast items, salads, soups and much more.

In addition to offering delicious drinks, the Café at the Reading Coffee Company emphasizes sustainable and ethical practices and a destination for coffee enthusiasts looking for a unique experience and exceptional coffee in a comfortable and engaging setting.

Work & Wifi

At our café, we warmly welcome customers to stay, enjoy our cozy atmosphere, and make use of our complimentary Wi-Fi for work or leisure. We strive to create a comfortable and productive environment for everyone. To ensure that all guests can enjoy our space, we kindly ask that you make a purchase during your visit and limit your stay during peak hours. Sharing a table may be required during peak times. This helps us maintain a pleasant experience for everyone and ensures seats are available for others. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. There are no strangers here and we welcome you to a true community experience at the Reading Coffee Company.