Est. 1989

Reading Coffee Roasters

Founded in 1989, The Reading Coffee Company is a purveyor of small-batch, gourmet coffee. For over three decades, we have endeavored to perfect our methods and to cultivate relationships with leading importers, thereby gaining access to premium coffees from around the world. Our commitment to medium roasted coffee stems from a desire to maximize the natural potential of the beans, to develop complex, full-bodied flavors, and to deliver a product that is rich and smooth – never bitter or burnt.

We at Reading Coffee are ready to fulfill the needs of you and your household: gourmet blends by the pound, flavored coffees, teas, K-cups, gift baskets, and much, much more. Interested in wholesale purchases, corporate gifting, or fundraising through coffee? Then look no further. Reading Coffee has a long history of fruitful collaboration with businesses and institutions of all sizes. Finally, our recently-expanded online store provides a quick and easy way to peruse the inventory and make a purchase.

We look forward to serving you!

About Us
Historic image of Reading Coffee Roasters

More than a cup of coffee

Our Coffee Ethos

As a pillar of Berks County since 1989, Reading Coffee Company exists to seek out and thoughtfully present the world's most memorable coffee in a way that demonstrates responsibility and equity throughout the process. Taking care of people is just as important as stewarding a company toward a healthy bottom line.

Coffee has an important place in our lives. It is a vehicle to meaningful connections and is the penultimate reason we strive to assure quality in all we do. Coffee connects us with family, friends, and co-workers alike. Beyond an everyday pleasure, it gives us a reason to escape our familiar homes and venture out to invite and interact. Coffee as an invitation presents limitless possibilities to try something new, learn something unforeseen, and experience something remarkable.

For Reading Coffee Company, that journey starts with the source. By building purposeful partnerships with importers in the United States and producers throughout the world, we actively endeavor to support an equitable supply chain. The coffee, by its very nature is a hands-on crop from picking to processing, and with that, deserves to be treated with a level of intentionality.

Coffee should be accessible to all, without judgement of your own final cup.  From pour-over purists to the flavor obsessed, from the single-origin lover to the milk and sugar induced, we invite you to enjoy our coffees as you will.