About Fractional Packs

Discover Ultimate Convenience with Our Coffee Frac Packs

Experience the epitome of convenience with our coffee Frac Packs, short for 'fractional packs.' Each Frac Pack contains our freshly roasted and ground coffee, meticulously portioned to brew a satisfying 10 to 12 cup pot of drip brew, or even more depending on the pack size and your preferred dosage. We take extra care to ensure your coffee is always at its best.

Here's what sets our Frac Packs apart:

Frac Pack Breakfast Blend with coffee grinds around the pack

Nitrogen-Flushed Freshness

Every package of ground coffee undergoes a nitrogen-flushing process before being hermetically sealed. This technique guarantees the highest level of freshness and shelf-stability. By purging oxygen and moisture, we maintain the coffee's peak flavor.

Quick & Convenient

While we're passionate about freshly roasted and ground coffee, we understand that sometimes you need exceptional coffee in a hurry, or you require it in larger quantities. That's where our convenient Frac Packs shine.

Our Frac Packs are ideal for a wide range of settings, including:

Restaurants and Diners, Luncheonettes, Cafeterias and Food Service Applications, Break Rooms, Teachers' Lounges, Churches, Social Clubs, Offices

Whether you're running a bustling restaurant, organizing events, or need coffee in bulk for your office, our Frac Packs are here to simplify your coffee needs. Experience the convenience and quality that only our carefully crafted Reading Coffee Company Frac Packs can provide.

Frac Pack with a jar of coffee grounds and a coffee mug

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